420eliteLOGObig1Welcome to 420 Gaming Clan

We are a chill group of mature gamers that play Call of Duty on the PlayStation Network and  owners of the Gold and now Red 420 Clan tags in Call of Duty. On all major games on PlayStation network

Currently we are using 420 Elite Alpha and 420 Elite Delta for Call of Duty Ghosts.

Request invite here.

  • 420 Elite Alpha : Ghosts Competitive
  • 420 Elite Delta : Ghosts Casual
  • 420 Elite Bravo: BO2 / MW3
  • 420 Elite Charlie: BO2 / MW3
  • 420 Elite Echo: BO2 / MW3
  • 420 Elite Fury: BO2 / MW3
  • 420 Elite Ghosts: BO2 / MW3
  • 420 Elite Hostile: BO2 / MW3


Cape Town 3/9

Gulf of Mexico 3/23

Siberia War 4/6

Vancouver 4/27

420 Clan Government


Chief of Staff:

Sergeant of Arms:

Dept. of Defense:

Speakers of the House:
JasperKidd – A
Scoobydoo6106 – D
CDWilliams -PS4

Secretary of State:
Loulu_ -PS3
boscomorris -PS4

420 Clan Seniority

1 Call of Duty Game or less : Recruit

2 Call of Duty Games: Clan Member

3 or more Call of Duty Games: Clan Elder

Get Invited into the 420 Clan!

To get invited into the 420 Clan you must play Call of Duty Ghosts on the PlayStation Network. PS3 PS4.

Request invite here.