Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct–

Once you get your gold clan tags, you are officially representing our clan, and as such we ask that you conduct yourself accordingly. Members are expected to treat each other with respect. If someone is making it miserable for their fellow clan members they won’t be here for very long. Just be nice to each other, and if there are members you don’t get along with try not to play with them. With nearly 100 players in each squad, there is usually plenty of people to play with.

We also expect you to treat others with respect outside the clan. It’s one thing to occasionally talk smack to someone, but we don’t want a reputation for being jerks.

One other thing to mention is that we don’t allow cheating of ANY kind in the game. If you are caught cheating, glitching, boosting, hacking, or otherwise exploiting the game in unintended ways, you will be booted immediately (This includes the master prestige glitch)

If you are playing in a party with fellow clan mates here are a few common complaints that we get a lot of; (so don’t be one these people)

  •   Playing their music or eating over the game with their mic on..
  • Just joining other members parties & playing against the clan (looks like we are trying to boost)
  • Don’t play split screen, “Double Accounts” just take turns if more than one player playing with ya..

Remember, when you rock the gold clan tags, you ARE 420 Elite to everyone you play with and against. We expect you to live up to the reputation of being truly elite. Think you’re up to the challenge?