The 420 Elite Clan history..

420shield-700.png   420 Elite was created around December 11, 2011 by Playdoh & Myself (MegaTroy) plus we used my other account (DeTroyt) to use our Elite founder points to get the gold 420 clan tag on MW3… But there is a lot of core members that were here from the get go & helped us grow into the clan we are now..

We quickly grew to 100 members with Playdoh recruiting the boards looking for like minded gamers, Smoking Weed And Gaming..
I think at one time we had 82 Gold consecutive medals in clan ops.. The clan at one time was ranked 7th in the world in the heavyweight clans.. So as you can imagine we had over 200 applications to the clan, but the only way we booted members were if A. Douchebaggery, or B. Not helping clan during clan ops while you were online..

Well after the clan got hacked & somebody took over the clan, booted the main members & tried to keep this high ranked clan for himself, but that didn’t happen as NoHellz had a started low ranked clan that he handed to Playdoh & served as landing point for majority of the members of the original 420.. This is also the time we decided to split up our most dedicated members up and start branching out the 420 Elite family so we didn’t have to reject anybody that wanted to join up..

From about December 2012 to late January 2013 we used the proboards forums until they shut us down for glorifying drugs- lol. We already owned the domain 420elite.com so we just started from there and build this website. In the end , Every time we faced adversity we tried to learn and get better from it…

Owners of the Gold and Red 420 Clan Tags since 2011. Call of Duty

Block Ops 2 : Level 50

Modern Warfare 3 : Level 50

Ghosts: Level 25