Cheddar Cheese

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 May 01, 2015 - Medical Marijuana Strains

Strain Name: Cheddar Cheese

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid 50/50

Looks: Light green with long dark orange hairs , lot’s of crystals.

Smell: Strong cheese smell

Taste: Just like the name , very strong taste

Effects: Does not make you lazy at all , very nice head buzz. Good for stress and worryin. If you want to get wasted this is more of a peacefull relax.

Potency: Very high , very nice strain of cheese

Reviewed by: Pothead999

Good Strain For: Stress , Anxiety , if you need a chillout or time for youself.

Traits: Good For Anxiety, Good For Stress, good for worrying, light green, long dark orange hairs, lots of crystals, nice head buzz, strong cheese smell, tastes like cheddar cheese, very high potency