Cherry Cough Syrup

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 May 01, 2015 - Medical Marijuana Strains

Strain Name: Cali Gold’s Cherry Cough Syrup

Grade: A

Type: Nigerian(DPG pheno) x (Nigerian Lemon x OG Kush)

Looks: they look killer, some of the very best outddor herb i’ve seen, the buds look almost yellow because of the heavy coating of resin, they are also super stiff feeling even though they are not dense like an indica.

Smell: Like cherry medicine or cough drops, cedar wood, petroleum with a kid of hazey smell in there too. Super dank, smells like a cherry cough drop fell in some gasoline

Taste: The flavor is A+ and comes through like it smells which is really hard to find. a hazey cherry medicine flavor with a thick sweet smoke

Effects: really racey and nervous, kinda scarey in a way, makes you panic a little bit but you dont wanna move for a while at the same time. its less funtional than most strains right now. I can usually smoke an still remain clear headed, and this bud is a little confusing and hard to remain sharp mentally.

Potency: 9 its really strong and in a different way than all of the kushes, rather than mellow and sedating this is racey, and psychadelic, makes you think everyone knows your high

Good Strain For: pain, ulcers, depression, MS, nausea

Traits: cedar wood, cherry medicine flavor, good for depression, Good For MS, Good For Nausea, good for pain, good for ulcers, Hazey Smell, heavy resin coating, makes you panick, Nigerian Lemon x OG Kush, really racey and nervous, smells like cherry medicine, super dank, super stiff, thick sweet smoke, Very Potent, yelow