Cream Caramel

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 Apr 17, 2015 - Medical Marijuana Strains

Strain Name: Cream Caramel

Grade: A-

Type: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Genetics: BlueBlack X Skunk #1 X Maple Leaf Indica

Looks: Mostly dense buds heavily coated with resin

Smell: Mix of sweet/spice/skunk/dung

Taste: smooth,creamy hints of vanilla, hashy, spice, and sweet

Effects: Powerful and instantly felt. “You sit AND STAY pot”. Best during the evenings for reading, t.v., sex and music- you can’t do much else. POTENT, 2-3 hits is all I need for the entire evening.

Potency: An 8.5/9 by my standards. There’s a lot of variety within the strain. I found an early Blueberry pheno (BlueBlack= Blueberry X Black Domina) which is the keeper but I had to grow out 25 plants to find it.

Good Strain For: Relaxing, sleeping, anti-anxiety, stimulate appetite, numbing physical discomforts.

Traits: Traits: 10% sativa, 90% indica, blueblack, Dense Buds, dung smell, Good For Anxiety, Good For Insomnia, Good For Pain Relief, Good For Relaxing, Good For Stress, hashy taste, Hybrid, increased appetite, Indica, maple leaf indica, munchies, Night Time Use, Skunk #1, skunky smell, smooth taste, Spicey Smell, spicey taste, spicy smell, spicy taste, sweet seeds, sweet smell, sweet taste, vanilla taste, Very Potent