Crimea Blue

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 Apr 17, 2015 - Medical Marijuana Strains

Strain Name: Crimea Blue

Grade: B

Type: mostly Indica (Ukraine hash plant x Blueberry)

Looks: Dark green/ bluish buds in the background of amber hairs.

Smell: pine, herbal, skunky. Broken up: Pine, lemon/citrus, skunky.

Taste: Inhale has a sweet, pine, lemon flavor, exhale is reveals an extremely sweet, syrup, hash flavor.

Effects: quick, soaring, sativa-like onset. Followed by a lethargic couchlock. Active medicine in small quantities, otherwise a very narcotic stain.

Potency: B+

Good Strain For: insomnia, depression/anxiety disorders, creativity enhancement, appetite stimulation, overall relaxation.

Traits: amber hairs, appetite stimulation, blue color, blueberry, citrus smell, couchlock, creative thoughts, dark green, Fresh Herb Smell, Good For Anxiety, good for depression, Good For Insomnia, Good For Relaxing, hash plant, Indica, lemon smell, lemon taste, narcotic like buzz, Pine Smell, pine taste, skunky smell, sweet taste